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Model: 1002
Curved wall hanging shelf with 5 tiers of flat shelves for placing home decorationsHelps you create your own personalized wall artColor: BrownMaterial: WoodDimensions: Height: 48 inchesShelf length: 13 inchesDepth: 8 inchesBrilliant modern design and shape is exclusively available at Decor of D..
Rs. 11,800
Model: 1006
Three storey wall shelf for placing decorations/booksMaterial: MDF laminationDimensions: Height: 27"Top shelf: 15"x7"Middle shelf: 20"x7"Bottom shelf: 27"x7..
Rs. 4,800
Model: 1030
Unique and beautiful large sized wall shelfBrilliant black and white color combination Shelf can be used for placing decorative ornaments, mugs or decoration itemsDimensions: 36X12X7 inches ..
Rs. 7,700
Model: 1014
Beautiful and modern white set of 2 shelves bundleBrilliant for placing decorations onColour: WhiteMaterial: MDF laminationDimensions: 23X8 inches approx...
Rs. 4,300
Model: 1003
Set of four bookshelves/decor shelvesBold and elegant black colorBrilliant function for utility storage and arrangement in bed-roomsCan be used for placing photo-frames, candles or other captivating decor items...
Rs. 5,900
Model: 1031
White MDF laminationDimensions of each shelf: 80X20X20 cm approximately..
Rs. 5,900
Model: 1028
White laptop shelf helps to create a small study space or area for doing office workCan also be utilized as a desk for writing on The laptop shelf can easily be installed onto most wall surfacesWall hanging brackets required for installation are included.Material: MDF laminationDimensions: 27X2..
Rs. 3,900
Model: 1011
Amazing floating shelves which can be used in homes or commercial offices or buildingsCan be hanged in different arrangements according to the way you want themMaterial: MDF lamination (single)All materials required for installation are includedDimensions:Top left boxes: 10X10 inchesSmall bottom box..
Rs. 9,000
Model: 1004
Wooden shelving unit consists of an outwards extending horizontal tier for placing things like jars of spices or snacksFour S shaped hanging hooks are included to help in hanging things like small pots or pansSteel metal pipe-works have been used to ensure for a sturdy designDimensions: 9x24 inches..
Rs. 4,900
Model: 1009
Comes with three key hanging hooks for keysDimensions: 14x7x3 inches Wooden finishingHigh quality exterior polishSmall top shelf can be used for placing small decor items or things like glasses or other small casesEnvelope/paper holding compartment includedAll materials required for installatio..
Rs. 3,499
Model: 1017
Tired of misplacing your house and car keys? Problem solved!The wood effect key holder helps to ensure all keys are put in the same placeThe key holder comes with 4 hooks for hanging keys.This product also has a compartment for organizing paper documents or letters so that you don't forget them when..
Rs. 2,800
Model: 1005
White and elegant floating shelfComes with a small sliding drawer built in for storing items that are easily lost without a proper storage area.Can easily be fixed onto your bedroom, study-room, or office wall without any hassle.Material: MDF lamination.Dimensions: 24X21X14  inches approximatel..
Rs. 7,500
Model: 1023
Large floating shelf is big enough to place multiple everyday items and belongings. This floating shelf can be used to create a study area for students, or as an office area for adults.Material: MDF laminationColour: BrownDimensions: 36X21X14 inches approximately. ..
Rs. 5,500
Model: 1035
Beautiful and simplistic wall shelves setPolished in pure wood, these shelves are a great artistic addition to any homeDimensions: 20x4.5x1.5 inchesAll fixtures required for installation are included..
Rs. 5,300
Model: 1022
MDF laminationSingle black floating shelfDimensions: 23X8 inches approx.Fixtures included..
Rs. 2,400
Model: 1024
Floating shelf provides adequate space for placing things like laptops or small decorative items.Dimensions: 27X21 inchesMaterial: MDF laminationAll fixtures required for installation are includedSimple and easy to install on any wall in your home or office...
Rs. 3,800
Model: 1020
Wooden floating shelf for small items such as laptops or books.Dimensions: 27X21 inchesWall brackets are included...
Rs. 3,500
Model: 1008
Beautiful kitchen roll holder can easily be installed onto kitchen walls or kitchen tiles.Can also be used for hanging small towelsTop shelf is made and polished in pure woodAll fixtures for installation are included..
Rs. 4,200
Model: 1013
Brown picture shelf + rico floating laptop shelf bundle deal.(1) White floating laptop shelf can easily be installed on different wall typesBrilliant for using in bedrooms to create a small study area or for office workCan also be used for simply storing books onMaterial: MDF laminationDimensions of..
Rs. 6,900
Model: 1027
Set of 2 brown shelvesNow you can easily decorate your home and make walls more beautiful.You can use the shelves for placing decoration items or as a small book shelf.Size of each shelf: 27"x7"x0.75"..
Rs. 2,900
Model: 1026
Set of three shelvesBrilliant, black, wall hanging shelves for placing beautiful decorative items and ornamentsDimensions: 24X4 inches, 20X4 inches, 12X4 inches (approximately)All hooks and screws for installation are included..
Rs. 3,100
Model: 1032
Set of three shelves.Amazing, brown, wall hanging shelves for placing beautiful decorative items and ornaments.Dimensions: 24X4 inches, 20X4 inches, 12X4 inches (approximately)All hooks and screws for installation are included. ..
Rs. 3,100
Model: 1007
Set of three shelvesColour: WhiteDimensions: 24X4 inches, 20X4 inches, 12X4 inches All fixtures for installation are included..
Rs. 3,000
Model: 1001
Add a modern touch your home or office!Elegant, white wall shelvesCan also be used for office decor A perfect for any bedroom, especially for childrenCan be utilized for storing light books or for decorationsMaterial: MDF laminationAll materials for installation are includedDimensions:Small top..
Rs. 3,900
Model: 1034
Set of 3 wall shelves can be installed anywhere around the houseColour: Black Dimensions: 24x7x0.75 inchesCan be installed anywhere around the houseShelves can be used for placing decorations or as bookshelves..
Rs. 3,700
Model: 1036
Set of three wall shelves made in woodEach shelf comes with three hooks for hanging keys/light weight items'Step' shelf design helps create space for placing ornaments or decoration piecesVibrant polish colorsAll fixtures required for installation are includedCan be positioned in different ways and ..
Rs. 6,499
Model: 1033
Set of 3 square shaped shelvesFantastic and versatile design can be hanged on a wall in different arrangements..
Rs. 4,100
Model: 1010
The three storey shelf is made in pure woodMade to be both elegant and functional at the same time, it offers great versatility and comes with a clean finishGreat for installing in bathrooms, typically helps in increasing hanging options for clothes or towelsCan also be utilized for placing small ba..
Rs. 3,999
Model: 1019
3 beautifully designed shelvesColour: WhiteMaterial: MDF laminationDimensions are 18X7X7 inches approximatelyUnique and stylish wall shelf designEasy installation on any wall surface..
Rs. 3,500
Model: 1025
A brilliant accessory to have for your flat screen TV. You can place a digital box on the console or use the console for a more decorative is up to you! All materials are high quality and have been neatly finished.Material: MDF laminationDImensions: 54x9.25x5 inches..
Rs. 11,900
Model: 1021
Colour: Dark brownMaterial: MDF lamination Unique, modern and exclusive design and shape creativeSet of 2 shelvesAdds a decorative and artistic touch to any wallCan be used for placing decorative planters, vases, or candlesMade in single thickness sheetEasy installation as all fixtures are incl..
Rs. 4,300
Model: 1016
Set of 2 white shelvesBrilliant for placing small decorative items like ornaments or picture frames..
Rs. 2,600
Model: 1018
Beautiful and functional white shelf which has a brilliant storage capacityMaterial: MDFDimensions: 42X36X8 inches approximately..
Rs. 8,000
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